Cahier is a French word for exercise book or notebook. Cahier has French ruled paper. French ruled is also known as “Grands Carreaux” (large square) paper or “Seyes” paper.

French ruling is particularly a Grid matrix. The grid matrix is made of 8mm x 8mm square having thicker lines, with thinner horizontal feint lines spaced 2mm apart inside of the square. There is a space at the top and bottom of the pages for notes or teacher’s comments. There is a margin on the left side of the pages marked with a vertical red or magenta line. The French ruled paper has the margin line, the main lines and the dividing lines.

Size (in cm) 16 x 21, 17 x 22, 21 x 29.7
Inner Paper (in GSM) 46, 47, 48, 50, 52, 54, 55, 56, 60
Type of Outer Cover White back Duplex Board, Coated Art Paper, Folding Box Board, PVC Cover
Type of Ruling French (Seyes) Ruling
No of Pages 48, 96, 192
Type of Binding Saddle Stitched