Our Presence

As a young organisation, exports are the nucleus around which our operations are structured. We aim for consistent growth and innovation to create a valuable proposition for our clients.

Our Presence

Today, we ship more than 70 containers of paper stationery annually.

Currently, our clients and partners are spread over the African Continent. A snapshot of the countries, we currently export to; are as under:

  • East African countries – Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, Zanzibar
  • Central African countries - Republic of Congo, Cameroon
  • Southern African countries – Angola, Mozambique, Madagascar
  • West African countries - Ghana, Liberia

We have placed an advertisement with FIEO in their Trade Directory to be distributed in North African countries to pursue interests in Tunisia, Morocco and Algeria. We are also exploring avenues to establish business relationships in South Africa, Europe, Latin America and Middle East countries.